Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saved by Argan Oil

Surviving the side effects of harsh acne treatments and discovering an amazing product line in the process

If you have ever suffered from acne prone skin, you already understand my dilemma. If not, then consider yourself lucky. After years of battling pesky skin lesions, at 21 years old, I finally made a visit to the dermatologist. I was prescribed a healthy dose if skin clearing antibiotics and epiduo skin cream in order to fight my blemish war. Excited and ready to bid my pimples and black heads goodbye, I jumped head first into my treatment plan. It wasn't until a week into the treatment that the skin on my face began to itch and become as dry as the Mohave dessert. My face had become a miserable combination of zits and flakes, thus making makeup (my only salvation) impossible to wear. My dermatologist assured me that my symptoms were all natural and suggested I try the facial lotion samples she had given me because, "those always help patients with the dryness."
The samples did not help and my face remained a lizard-like mask. In typical Jamie fashion, decided to drown my sorrows in a glass of merlot and an online shopping spree. A few hours of comparing Sephora's prices with that of my other favorite retailers and $65 later, my life was about to change. 
I discovered Josie Maran's cosmetic and skin care line on the Sephora website, and thought that its simple ingredients and argan oil foundation sounded like a perfect fit for dry skin woes. After only a few days of using her argon infused cleaner twice a day, tinted moisturizer every morning as a makeup substitute, and straight argan oil each night before bed; I finally had skin that resembled that of a human. 
Six months later, I am almost completely acne free and my skin looks fresh and hydrated. My days of having a flaky face are no more, and I have argon oil to thank.

Argan Cleansing oil $32

Argan Daily Tinted Moisturizer $38

Pure moisturizing argan oil $48

While these products border on the more expensive side, you can get them all plus Josie's amazing multi-purpose blush stick for only $65 at QVC. (thats what I did!) Buy it here


  1. My husband is obsessed with Argon oil. Lol, no joke. I bought some for myself and he stole it from me and now uses it. He is blessed with the most beautiful curls.

  2. I really want to try Argan Oil on my face. My skin is usually very dry right after I wash my face due to my benzoyl peroxide cream but then gets insanely oily within a couple of hours. Maybe it's because my skin feels so dehydrated? I'll try this out and see if it helps. Thanks!


  3. I know they sell sample sets with the oil in it so you can try it before you commit to buying it. My skin would be so rough and dry without it, though. I wake up every morning with the softest and most refreshed skin now.