Friday, November 30, 2012

Ode to Nordstrom

For any fashionista, the beloved department store, Nordstrom, is an obvious go-to. From its legendary semi-annual sales to its extensive selection of gorgeous garb within pretty much any price range, Nordstrom is basically heaven in a shopping mall. What you may not know, however, is that Nordstrom is perhaps the only main stream department store that will sell customers two different sized shoes (at least a size and a half difference) for no extra charge. 
This probably does not mean much to the average shoe shopper, but for someone who has to suffer the constant annoyance of having two different sized feet, this is a god send. I was born with a severely clubbed foot. During my childhood, I under went three major surgeries, and wore a host of special casts and braces to correct it. Today, the only remnants of my problem are three aging scares that have become barely noticeable. I can walk and run, limp free, with perfect ease. The handicap that my parents once feared would hamper my standard of living, is nothing now but a distant memory. 

Photos courtesy of Flickr creative commons.
Currently, the most consequential issue associated with my clubbed foot, is the fact that it is a whopping four sizes smaller than its opposite. This makes shopping for shoes an absolute and utter bitch. I am a college student who is not made of money, so I can no where near afford to have shoes custom made for me. Every time I attempt to sneak two different sized shoes into the box at a store, the cashier always catches me and all I can do is laugh helplessly and claim,"Oh, I didn't even notice. Oops!" I had just become accustomed to either buying two different sized shoes or suffering in ill fitting flats.
When a family friend recommended my mother take me to Nordstrom, it was like a whole new chapter of my life had been unveiled. For the first time ever, I was able to purchase two different sized shoes, no questions asked with no added cost. This simple store policy has allowed me to feel , well normal. Up until Nordstrom, the thought of trying on and buying shoes was the equivalent of that nervous feeling people get before they visit the doctor. This is not the feeling shoes should conjure up in the heart of any girl.
So thank you, Nordstrom, for allowing me access to trendy shoes for both my feet and for making it a little easier to be born with a handicap. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

Here is a brief photo spread of my 21st Birthday experiences and my very fashionable friends, enjoy!

Romper by Zara
Watch by Michael Kors