Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saks Fashion Fix

I know you guys are probably swarmed with the thousands of annoying and trivial emails from retail stores, but I am about to divulge one email subscription you will not be able to live without. Saks Fifth Avenue offers an exclusive assortment of 70% off retail sales weekly that is not just gross, bottom of the rack reject tops. I was tipped off about fashion fix from following Saks on Facebook when they posted about a designer denim sale. I got $80 Blank NYC jeans for $23, $29 with shipping that arrived two days later. 
Fashion Fix will send you an email a few hours before the sale begins, and then you have 24 hours to take advantage of the amazing deals available. The most coveted items do tend to sell out quite quickly though. They have everything from BCBG dresses, to Seven for All Mankind jeans. Every sale is unique.
I am thoroughly impressed with Fashion Fix & highly encourage anyone who wants designer clothing at unmatched prices to sign up right now!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Loafer Love

Cole Haan "Air Penny Driver" - $88.90 at Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale, Around $190 regularly. Infused with Nike Air Technology.

I am always searching for a stylish, yet overly comfortable and supportive shoe to walk around campus with. I was born with a moderately severe foot problem, so a practical shoe is a must for me. The problem I find with practical shoes, though, is that they are not particularly stylish.
Many of Cole Hann's shoes are outfitted with something called "Nike Air Technology", making them feel like heaven on your feet. Not to mention the amazing support and great quality of the shoe itself.
Loafers have been making a come back in the fashion world, so what better than to pair a nice comfy pair them with soft cardigans, v-necks, and leggings for class.
 Many other designers have been adding their own rendition of the penny loafer to their Fall collections (Tory Burch's are SO adorable) so hopefully Cole Haan continues to embrace the stylish loafer trend, because I can see myself buying a new pair of these cozy babies every seaason.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gap Clearance Haul

As of last week, The Gap has had a half off of all clearance sale. This means a ton of new $5 tank tops and $12 heavy knitted sweaters have just been added to my closet. Not to mention the myriad of dress pants, dresses, and tee shirts that are still just waiting to be purchased at less than outlet store prices.
I also bought a few pairs of underwear for around $2 each, some sport bras for $7, and a yoga top for $8. These are just a few pictures of my favorite, and best deals I got this week at the amazing Gap.

$20 each originally, $5 each on sale. They have a loose fit, but taper at the waist so they are ultra flattering and not to mention soft.

$70 originally, mine for $12. This sweater is not only good quality, but quite heavy and durable. It looks like a work of knitted art on and I cannot wait to wear it to class come fall.

$65 originally, mine for $10. It is so shear and light, perfect for early fall weather in Florida.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scarves in July

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Scarf by H&M, necklace from Etsy, dress by H&M, bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs and shoes by Sam Edelman.

Despite what many say, I do not find anything wrong with sporting a scarf in the Summer. Although it still has to be the "right" scarf ( pastel, floral, airy, light-weight) it can certainly add an unexpected trick to the other wise overdone summer ensemble. Also, when having to make do with minimal amounts of clothing on vacation a scarf can turn one outfit into at least two and maybe even three novel looks.
A scarf can really make or break an outfit, but don't let a little thing like the seasons stop you from taking your look to the next level!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drug Store Heaven

I realize it is a bit cliche to post about supposed "amazing" cosmetics one can find in CVS, but this is not a post to take lightly!
Essie "Sand Tropez"
I was wondering the cosmetics aisle at CVS waiting for a prescription to be filled when I stumbled upon a "50% off" yellow dot over the Essie nail polish display. Surprisingly, there was but one discounted bottle left on the shelf. It was cleverly named "Sand Tropez" and at only $4, I did not hesitate taking it with me to the cash register. Essie's website calls it a soft and sandy beige, but on your fingers it is so much more. In dark lights it takes on a pale grey color that goes amazing with a tan and in sunlight I feel it almost has a subtle lilac tint. I have gotten numerous compliments on the shade, and a few of my friends have already gone out and gotten their own bottle. The feeling of finding something gorgeous is already fabulous, but getting it for half price is something worth posting on your blog about.
You can get it here, but it won't be half price.

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm
I am constantly on the hunt for new lip balms and lip treatments because I literally despise having chapped lips. I saw a coupon in the Sunday paper for this lip balm and was about to run out of my old one and decided to check it out. It seems that a lot of other girls had the same idea because the display was practically wiped out. Fortunately, one of the shades I liked was still available. (the last one, of course) The coupon was for $3 off of the $8 product so I didn't have much to lose. I purchased it in "Sheer Simmer", which was the lightest shade. "Petal Glow" would have been my first choice though.
Nonetheless, I am now obsessed with the stuff and have been forever reapplying since I got it home. Unlike most lip balms, the thinner and wider shape makes applying the already smooth balm that much easier. Not to mention the glorious citrus smell is a lovely extra. Oh, and it is SPF 20 so your lips won't get burnt at the beach this summer. All in all, this is a wonder product that I now cannot leave home without.
You can buy it here, or at your local drugstore.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avoiding "Tourist Look" in Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine is a popular New England spot for both the political elite and photo-snapping tourist alike. George Bush senior has a breathtaking estate here on the shores right down the street from numerous charming bed and breakfasts. So to say the least, Kennebunkport is a conservative town where Sperry shoes and Vineyard Vines polos are the most popular of attire and it is safe to say that denim other than True Religion etc. is not welcomed . 

The Colony Hotel
My sister (to the left of the photo) and I both wore dresses by H&M. My sweater is by Gap, necklace from Etsy and bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I have never been one to completely blend in with my style surroundings, but the whole super conservative preppy thing hasn't been my forte' since 7th grade. They key to dressing to new surroundings is to take the basic gist of the area's style in stride without completely losing your own personal taste. I realize this sounds a bit obvious, but it can be commonly overly overlooked. That is when, what I like to call "Tourist Look" begins to take form. Now picture women with fanny packs, Hawaiian printed shorts, and shirts with the name of the state they are currently visiting embossed across the front.
Word to the wise, don't wear your Florida cut-off shorts to Maine in July and certainly don't wear your Maine polo and linen pants to Florida in July. Trust me, you will not blend in stylishly.

Monday, July 11, 2011

From The Airport To The Lake

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, sweater by Gap, dress by H&M, necklace by Marc by Marc Jacobs, bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs, and shoes by Sam Edelman. (Iced Latte Lite from New England fave Dunkin Donuts!)

I wore this outfit flying out of Palm Beach International into Logan in Boston last week. A maxi dress and loose cardigan are the prefect combination for your Summer travels. The dress is both comfortable and stylish and when paired with a cardigan it becomes cozy enough for getting you through a long flight. The Groovee MJ bag is large enough to accommodate all your travel needs, all the while being cute and practical enough to accompany you everywhere you go while on your vacation. I also recommend that every girl go out and purchase these Sam Edelman sandals because they will become your go to Summer shoe in no time and the compliments will never stop. They are a chic step above the average Summer flip flop in my opinion. Safe Travels!