Sunday, June 26, 2011

Airport Style

Nicole Richie

MK & Ashley Olsen

Victoria Beckham

Lauren Conrad

Hayden Panettiere

Rachel Bilson

Sienna Miller

In honor of my trip to New England on Thursday, Summer being vacation season and me still being too swollen from my surgery to post pictures of my own outfits...
I have always had an obsession with celebrity airport style. It may be because I myself have a strange affinity for trips to the airport and everything that comes with them or because ever since I was a child my mother always impressed on me that it was important to look nice incase you get bumped to first class (even though that NEVER actually happens). 
When celebrities are photographed in airports they are momentarily captured in some of their most comfortable, yet still ready to be seen in OK magazine, of attire. This comfortable style is much more wearable for the everyday girl and definitely something to aspire to. Being able to combine looking effortlessly chic, yet casual and comfortable is what celebrity airport style is all about and I feel there is a little something every girl can take from these looks and incorporate into their own daily fashion routines.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coffee and comfort on Park Avenue

Headband by H&M, Denim top by H&M, leggings by Victoria's Secret, and tote bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Since I am stuck at home post-wisdom teeth removal, I decided to post some pictures I took before I came home for the Summer from college.
I still love the denim top trend because it is such a versatile piece that can literally be worn fifty or so ways. I wore this outfit to class all day before hand in complete comfort without looking like a sweat-pants wearing bum. That is the beauty of black leggings. Whenever I was not into totally "dressing up" for class, leggings and a cute loose-fitting top were always my go-to look.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Gap gets designer... sort of

On sale for $59.99 Buy it here
On sale for $40.99 Buy it here
On sale for $29.99 Buy it here
(My personal favorite) On sale for $31.99 Buy here

When you think of American mall staple, The Gap, images of soft pastel cardigans and timeless blazers and dress pants come to mind. Cute runway inspired bags, on the other hand, now that is an entirely new entity. These bags are not only on SALE, but remind me vaguely of Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs bags I have seen in past seasons. The best part about these adorable accessories is that no one would ever imagine your trendy bucket bag came from the Gap, which is good for a few reasons. 1) It will be hard for your friends to steal your style 2) It will look like you paid a fortune for your new bucket bag 3) You will surely look like a style genius when you tell your friends that it is from The Gap, it was on clearance, and it was only about thirty bucks. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

In love with 1 Per Diem

In Elle magazine's July issue, I spotted this ring in the "Fashion News" section. The moment I saw it all I could think about was wearing it with my oversized boyfriend cardigans to class in the fall. Mineral jewelry has been all the rage lately, so I was not surprised by it's rugged, unfinished look. 
Its name is the "Nugget- 2 finger ring" and it is easy to see why. Unfortunately, there is not a picture of the ring on a hand, but I have a feeling it looks just gorgeous regardless. Another unfortunate attribute of this beauty is its $105 steep price. 
Something tells me if I look hard enough I will be able to find something similar on Etsy for $30. Nonetheless, I am still in love & would suggest checking out the rest of their stuff here . 

Avoid looking too "Wintery" with "Summery" necklaces

Both Necklaces by Urban Outfitters & Top from Nordstrom

Aside from the fact I tend to go a little over board with the Macbook pictures, I love the way these necklaces go so well with this top. I like to wear light, long sleeve tops in the summer because I always end up getting too cold inside air conditioned buildings. The issue with this, however, is I can end up looking too "Wintery" which is an obvious problem. The most simple solution is to pair your long sleeved tops with a more "Summery" necklace.
 Turquoise is an obvious Summer staple, and this white layered necklace exudes California, beach side appeal. A "Summery" necklace can take any "Wintery" top from Aspen straight to Cabo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lazy Friday

Headband by American Apparel, Sweater by Gap, White Tank by American Apparel, Shorts by Forever 21, and Flats by Steve Madden.

There isn't anything better than drinking coffee and reading magazines all day (I am a coffee addict & obsessive magazine reader, by the way) . Such a simple day, calls for a simple outfit. I am a terrible model, by the way. I swear I am not chubby! There is a reason people who are 5"2 don't walk the runway...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Red Maxi for Summer

Sunglasses by H&M (only $7.50!) Dress by Cooperative at Urban Outfitters, belt by H&M, and oversized bag by H&M

I had a bunch of adorable pictures to post, but only three uploaded. So here is the only decent one, sorry you can't see more of the outfit. This dress has a naturally boxy fit, but clings nicely once a belt is added. It is on sale at here for $20 actually. I like this outfit because it is simply, yet cute enough to allow me to stand out from a crowd. Not to mention how comfortable and soft this dress is, I wish I had it in every color!

Mary-Kate & Ashley's new t-shirt line.

The line is in the process of being pre-viewed, but it launches July 1st so sign up now to be the first to check it out!

Sign up here

T by Alexander Wang Resort 2012

The most refreshing thing, in my opinion, about T is the ultra "cool, downtown" aura that the pieces radiate. I think it may have something to do with the seemingly effortless way the pieces seem to layer like a work of art.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've always thought this was cute

Casual in All Saints

Casual in All Saints

All Saints draped top, $85
All Saints cut out shoulder top, $95
All Saints striped top, $110
All Saints caftan top, $195
All Saints fringe top, $110
All Saints sheer top, $145
All Saints open back tank, $70
All saints shoes, $190
All Saints buckle sandals, $245

I recently spotted this brand while looking through (one of my many guilty pleases) and was happily surprised to purchase an open back tank similar to the grey one pictured above for only $28, including shipping. Due to their "Archive" sales, anyone can adorn themselves in these amazing clothes for a fraction of the retail price. As soon as I wore the top, I got many compliments from both women and men (for the open back, most likely) . So the moral of this story is, if you are lucky enough to find something your size that you love in the All Saints Archive collection - DO NOT hesitate. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anna Sui's 2012 Resort Collection proves very wearable

I am in love with the geometric pattern trend I have been seeing a lot of lately. Sui stays with her classic styling of amazingly fashion forward designs, but I especially love this collection because of how wearable it is for girls of all different heights and shapes to pull off.

Staying Cool in 98 Degrees.

  Scarf worn as headband by McQueen. Wishbone necklace by Marc by Marc Jacobs ("special item" as mentioned in previous post). Black romper by H&M. Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Wedges by Elle for Kohls. & my cat Goldie.

 It isn't easy staying cool and looking atleast semi-decent in the midst of a scorching Florida, summer day. That is why I love simple rompers and easy pieces like a trend-forward head scarfs to dress them up a bit. Head scarves are also a plus for keeping my curly hair's frizz at bay with all the humidity in the air.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Calling all Marc Jacobs fans

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit a Marc by Marc Jacobs store you have probably noticed the quirky assortment of low priced items displayed throughout. These items include everything from $30 MJ tote bags to $3 lipstick shaped pens. Basically, it is a little bit of Marc at a price that everyone can afford.  (with access to New York, Boston and a select other few of U.S cities that offer an MJ store, that is.)

As of now though, a smaller scaled selection of "Special Items" can be purchased on Marc's website for the same wallet friendly prices. I would make my purchases soon though, because these great buys are selling like crazy. For good reason of course.

Shop here